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Denying women the right over their bodies - MTP Amendment Bill 2020

  Denying women the right over their bodies - MTP Amendment Bill 2020 Why in news?   The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2020 passed in the Lok Sabha in March 2020, is booked to be postponed for thought in Rajya Sabha.  What are the key arrangements?  The Bill corrects the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971.  It looks to broaden the end of pregnancy period from 20 weeks to 24 weeks.  This would make it simpler for ladies to securely and lawfully end an undesirable pregnancy.  For end of pregnancy as long as 20 weeks of development, the assessment of one enlisted clinical expert will be required.  For end of pregnancy of 20-24 weeks of incubation, assessment of two enrolled clinical experts will be required.  The Bill proposes to broaden the upper incubation limit from 20 to 24 weeks for exceptional classifications of ladies.  These incorporate weak ladies including overcomers of assault, casualties of interbreeding and other weak ladies (like in an unexpected
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Protection of children from sexual offense act

  Why in news?  As of late, judgment in the Satish Ragde v. Territory of Maharashtra case was reprimanded as the charged was vindicated under POCSO Act.  What is POCSO act?  The demonstration was authorized in 2012 particularly to shield kids matured under 18 from rape.  It conceded that various sexual offenses against kids were neither explicitly accommodated in existing laws nor satisfactorily punished.  Consequently an offense against kids should be expressly characterized and countered through proportionate punishments with the goal that it goes about as a powerful prevention.  The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which was sanctioned by India in 1992 requires sexual misuse and sexual maltreatment to be tended to as offensive wrongdoings.  How does POCSO and IPC manage rape?  One, In IPC the meaning of attack or criminal power to lady with goal to shock her humility is conventional.  In POCSO, the demonstrations of rape are expressly referenced, for example, contacting diff

Uttrakhand disaster

  Why in news?  Different examinations and reports on the blaze floods in Uttarkhand are being distributed in distinguishing the reason.  For what reason did the blaze floods happen?  The territory has seen two days of hefty snowfall and out of nowhere the climate turned out to be clear and minimal hotter.  This has prompted liquefying of day off since glacial masses in the territory contain a lot of trash when snow softens they convey a lot of garbage.  This dissolved all that comes in the manner subsequently setting off a torrential slide prompting the blaze floods. How huge is the danger of such episodes proceeding?  At the point when icy masses retreat because of rising temperatures, the snow dissolves yet the garbage remains which helps in the arrangement of lakes.  Uttarakhand has 1,000 glacial masses and throughout the long term recurrence of arrangement of such lakes has expanded.  In any case, numerous frigid lake upheaval flood occasions are not occurring as in Sikkim in ligh

Anthropology Demystified By IAS Akshat jain AIR - 2

Anthropology Demystified By  IAS Akshat jain AIR - 2 HomeBookAnthropology Demystified Book By Akshat Jain IAS Anthropology Demystified Book By Akshat Jain IAS  UPSC PDF Buy Anthropology Demystified Book By Akshat Jain IAS Hello Readers are you searching best Anthropology book for Upsc and Other State Civil Service Examination Preparation so now you are on right place because today we are going to share with you all "Anthropology Demystified Book By Akshat Jain IAS" this book is one of the best Anthropology book, this book is written and published by Upsc Topper IAS Akshat Jain this book is new on market and also recommended by Akshat Jain so you should go with this book because this book will cover all the important topic of Anthropology Subject and the strategy about this optional subject od CSE. Description Useful book on Environment for UPSC and KPSC examinations.  Features & details Product information Item Weight 1 kg 210 g Paperback 550 pages ISBN-10 819397221X

Pinaka missile system

Pinaka missile system   Why in news? The Ministry of Defense (MoD) marked agreements with three Indian organizations for flexibly of six regiments of the Pinaka Rocket System.  What is the contract? The procurement wing of MoD has marked agreements with,  Bharat Earth Movers Ltd,  Goodbye Power Company Ltd (TPCL) and  Larsen and Toubro (L&T).  The six regiments would be added to the Regiment of Artillery of the Indian Army at an expense of Rs 2,580 crore.  These Regiments will be operationalised along the Northern and Eastern Borders of our nation.  They are long range ordnance frameworks that involve 114 launchers with,  45 Command Posts to be obtained from L&T,  Mechanized Gun Aiming and Positioning System from TPCL and  330 vehicles to be obtained from BEML.  The acceptance is intended to be finished by 2024.  What is the significance of this acquisition? India is confronting threats on the two fronts.  Along these lines, the declaration upgrading the long range ordnance abi

Sub-categorisation of SCs and STs

Sub-categorisation of SCs and STs Why in news? The Supreme Court reopened the debate on sub-categorisation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for reservations. What is the story behind? Punjab's law applies a rich layer for SCs, STs by offering inclination to Balmikis and Mazhabi Sikhs.  This is the situation that resumed the discussion.  The Supreme Court decided for giving particular treatment to specific SCs over others to guarantee equivalent portrayal all things considered.  The case has been alluded to a bigger Bench to choose.  This is on the grounds that, in 2005, the Court decided that state governments had no capacity to make sub-classes of SCs for reservation.  The bigger Bench will rethink the two decisions. What is sub-categorisation of SCs? States have contended that among the SCs, there are some that stay under-spoke to in spite of reservation in contrast with different SCs.  This disparity inside the SCs is underlined in numerous reports.  This has been tended

Plastic Pollution in the Atlantic Ocean

Plastic Pollution in the Atlantic Ocean Why in news?  Another investigation has assessed the measure of microplastic contamination in the Atlantic Ocean.  What are microplastics?  Microplastics are plastic flotsam and jetsam littler than 5mm long.  They originate from an assortment of sources.  One of the sources is when bigger parts of plastic corrupt into littler pieces, which are hard to recognize.  How does plastic arrive at the seas?  There are different pathways, which incorporates,  Riverine and environmental vehicle from seaside and inland territories,  Unlawful dumping exercises and  Direct adrift littering from delivery, fishing and hydroponics exercises.  As indicated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, at any rate 8 million tons of plastic end up in the seas consistently.  This makes up about 80% of all marine flotsam and jetsam from surface waters to remote ocean silt.  For what reason is plastic contamination particularly unsafe?  The solidness of plast