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Sub-categorisation of SCs and STs

Sub-categorisation of SCs and STs
Why in news? The Supreme Court reopened the debate on sub-categorisation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for reservations.
What is the story behind? Punjab's law applies a rich layer for SCs, STs by offering inclination to Balmikis and Mazhabi Sikhs.  This is the situation that resumed the discussion.  The Supreme Court decided for giving particular treatment to specific SCs over others to guarantee equivalent portrayal all things considered.  The case has been alluded to a bigger Bench to choose.  This is on the grounds that, in 2005, the Court decided that state governments had no capacity to make sub-classes of SCs for reservation.  The bigger Bench will rethink the two decisions. What is sub-categorisation of SCs? States have contended that among the SCs, there are some that stay under-spoke to in spite of reservation in contrast with different SCs. This disparity inside the SCs is underlined in numerous reports. This has been tended to by encir…

Plastic Pollution in the Atlantic Ocean

Plastic Pollution in the Atlantic OceanWhy in news?  Another investigation has assessed the measure of microplastic contamination in the Atlantic Ocean. 
What are microplastics? 
Microplastics are plastic flotsam and jetsam littler than 5mm long.  They originate from an assortment of sources.  One of the sources is when bigger parts of plastic corrupt into littler pieces, which are hard to recognize. 
How does plastic arrive at the seas? 
There are different pathways, which incorporates,  Riverine and environmental vehicle from seaside and inland territories,  Unlawful dumping exercises and  Direct adrift littering from delivery, fishing and hydroponics exercises.  As indicated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, at any rate 8 million tons of plastic end up in the seas consistently.  This makes up about 80% of all marine flotsam and jetsam from surface waters to remote ocean silt. 
For what reason is plastic contamination particularly unsafe?  The solidness of plastic makes it ha…

Punjab soils are degraded and depleted

Organic matter in soil
What is the issue? Punjab soils are corrupted and exhausted in light of the fact that natural issue is very underneath (.5-.2%). There is a genuine need to expand the natural matter of the dirt. For what reason is there low natural issue in the Punjab's dirt? Punjab is the most elevated purchaser of compound composts per hectare in the nation. It is additionally the third most noteworthy pesticide purchaser while representing only 1.53% of the complete territory of the nation. In Punjab, ranchers normally plant three yields per year. This implies the land gets upset each time they till, prompting a reduction in natural issue in the dirt. 
What is Organic Matter? Natural issue (OM) comprises of plants, creature material which gets changed over into humus subsequent to breaking down. It improves soil quality and ripeness. It supplies supplements, expands water-holding limit and forestalls soil disintegration. This thus needs lesser water system and helps capture…

Israel-UAE-US deal

Israel-UAE-US deal Why in news? Israel and the United Arab Emirates, helped by the US, have shown up at a significant nonaggression treaty. 
What is the serious deal? The arrangement was reported by the US White House. The arrangement says that the UAE will set up strategic relations with Israel if its President resolves to surrender the arrangement to add the West Bank. [West Bank is the primary domain of an express that the Palestinians want.The UAE turns into the third Arab country to perceive Israel after Egypt (1979) and Jordan (1994). It can possibly change the international affairs of West Asia and past. 
Shouldn't something be said about the Palestinians? The Palestinian initiative oddballs and reviles the UAE, Israeli and the US three-dimensional declaration. The Palestinian Authority, which looks for a two-state arrangement, lashed out against the arrangement as a double-crossing by the UAE. For the Palestinians, the Israeli duty that it won't seek after its arrangement…

Pakistan's New Map 2020

Pakistan's New MapWhy in news? Pakistan's new guide affirms its cases on Jammu and Kashmir, Siachen and Sir Creek, and makes a case for Junagadh.
What are Pakistan's cases?  Jammu and Kashmir – Pakistan map has guaranteed to all of Jammu and Kashmir, however not Ladakh. This case conflicts with its own duty to mediate the fate of every one of the six pieces of the recent illustrious territory of Jammu-Kashmir with India. [Parts of the past illustrious province of Jammu-Kashmir - Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit-Baltistan, PoK and Aksai Chin] The new guide draws a line outlining Gilgit-Baltistan independently from the Pakistan involved Kashmir. It renamed Jammu and Kashmir as Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Siachen and Sir Creek - Both the spots were under a few conversations among India and Pakistan. Pakistan's one-sided guarantee over them isn't useful or helpful for future goal. Junagadh - The guide has made another case over Junagadh, which opens up a t…